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Professional Equipment Branch Company was founded in May 1992. The company is professionally engaged in the development, production and sales for middle and top grade auto parts.We have 57 employees in our company, including 11 managers and 3 research and development technicians.

Our main customers are FAW Volkswagen Automobile Co. Ltd., Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd., Chengdu Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd., Foshan Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd., Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd.. The core products are former gearshift series, Dongfeng Nissan 719 knuckle and 531 knuckle, shift mechanism (stick shift) of Chery, hand brake(tooth plate, ratchet) of Great Wall , etc. Our company own  18 sets of numerically controlled production center and 14 sets of CNC lathe, and it has the production capacity that produce 700,000 pieces of former gearshift and 400,000 sets of knuckle every year.

Company objectives: "quality in the hand, cost in the eye, enterprise in the heart." In the cooperation with OEMs, we make great efforts to create corporate image of "scale, specialization, innovation" and make the branch to become the best auto parts suppliers.

Company strategy: We take the machining center cluster as the core, and develop the machining of car chassis and provide products of high quality,speed, good service for OEMs. We will try our best to be a leading worldwide provider of automotive parts.

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