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Hydraulic Machinery

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Hydraulic Machinery Branch is one of the earliest branches which our company founded. When the branch has just established , it mainly produced military products, military machinery and missile launcher. After going through the reform, it can realize product transformation successful and start producing hydraulic machinery products for civil. As a military enterprise, Hydraulic Machinery Branch always put the quality of the products in the first place, and for that reason, after transformed and produced civil hydraulic machinery products, the product quality of Hydraulic Machinery Branch can fully meet various requirements of customers very well.

Hydraulic Machinery Branch, after years of hard struggle, the company has been developed rapidly, the capacity of production and processing has been improved greatly. There are above 80 employees in our company, including 8 professional technicians and 4 engineers. This company technical force is abundant, subjects are integrated closely, development capability is strong. We own all kinds of mechanical processing equipment more than 100 sets, and have strong ability of precision machining. Our company has the production capacity at present that can process engineering hydraulic cylinder with diameters of 500 mm, the annual output reached nearly hundreds of linear meters(diameter:100mm), and the products throughout the country and annual income reached nearly 100 million yuan.

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