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Painting Branch is located in Jilin Universal Machinery Co., Ltd.(Group Company) Jingyue industry zone. There are 102 employees in our company, including 14 managers and 6 professional technicians. The annual output is 140 million yuan.

At present, Painting Branch Company own 4 automatic cathodic-electrophoretic paint production lines, 1 electroplating zinc nickel alloy line, 1 electro-galvanizing-line, 1 chrome plating production line, 1 phosphate oxidation production line, etc. 8 production lines. Branch Company is a good partner of Bo ze Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Kass horse Car System Co., Ltd. and Ling yun Industrial Co., Ltd. At the same time, Painting Branch carries all processing work of products surface treatment within Group Co., Ltd. At present, Painting Branch is one of the largest cathodic electrophoretic coating production base in Jilin province, and it won "the best quality improvement supplier" that Bo ze Auto Parts Co., Ltd. awarded .

Painting Branch closely around the business ideas of "happiness for staff ", adhering to the quality policy of "perseverance and pursuit of excellence" , "to provide customers with high quality surface treatment solution "as the goal. We will try our best to become the domestic and well-known car coating enterprise.

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